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Indoor Air Quality Environmental Technology
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SAME DAY - Mold Testing Laboratory Reports

You can become a DIS-10 System Certified Mold Inspector for Building or Home Inspections.
Digital DIS-10 Systems Mold Testing Technology is available for Indoor Environmental Mold Investigations. The Microscopy Technology Mold Testing Internet Diagnostic Tools by DDS and Mold Testing Lab reports by DDL provide complete mold indoor air quality services to users.

Mold Testing Technologies: Rapid Mold Identification


Transmit Directly From YOUR Location
We Are - Where You Are: Same Day Mold Identification Laboratory Reports!

Technologies Are Available to License to IAQ Mold Inspectors
Indoor Air Quality Mold Inspectors Diagnostic Technologies for IAQ Professionals
Indoor Environmental Mold Testing Technologies by Digital Diagnostic Systems
Quality Mold Inspections: Advanced Microscopy Technology Internet Tools
Licensed Use is Available for the Professional Indoor Air Quality Mold Inspector

Trained Mold Inspectors, that license the use of the Digital DIS-10 System, transmit mold photomicrographs directly from their location to the mold testing laboratory for rapid analysis in real time, or in less than 24 hours. The technical diagnostic information that is exchanged, via the Internet, provides the DIS-10 system user with the ability to offer superior mold inspection services in their poubelles infrarouge to their clients with time saving online diagnostic tools. There are no geographic restrictions, or costly time constraints, for those important timelines, and project needs. This Internet driven technology can assist the mold investigator in processing more jobs per day. Mold identification and quantification laboratory reports are provided in real time, or in less than 24 hours, every time.

Process More Jobs Per Day - Same Day Reporting
With the Licensed Use of the Digital DIS-10 System Mold Testing Technology
Licensed use Includes Mold Inspector Training for Home Inspections-Commercial - Industrial

Digital Diagnostic Mold Testing Laboratories: Indoor Air Quality Testing for Fungal Contamination Through Technical Diagnostic Information Exchanged via the Internet

The Digital DIS-10 System
Mold Testing Technology
Internet Driven

Fast Mold Identification - Quantification
Mold Photomicrographs - Visual Evidence
Easily Retrievable Permanent Records

Black Mold Identification through Sample Analysis - Mold Laboratory Reporting

Black Mold, or Toxic Mold, are terms commonly used by the general public to describe molds that can visually appear very dark such as stachybotrys, cladosporium, or alternaria. However, it is important to note that all molds can only be identified through laboratory sample analysis. Digital Diagnostic Laboratories provides Digital DIS-10 System users with same day mold lab reports.

Indoor Environmental Careers: Mold Home or Building Inspections
Indoor Environmental Services - Mold Investigations - Technology License is Available
DIS-10 Systems: Advanced Mold Testing Technologies for Mold Inspectors

Why pay extra for rush fees or shipping costs?

License the technology use of the Digital DIS-10 System and have the ability to process more jobs daily while also meeting important client and project deadlines. No more shipping mold samples, lost samples, or costly delays. Free laboratory consumables are provided to all trained system users. Same day mold testing laboratory reports - every single time! The Online Mold Analysis System (OMAS) provides 24/7/365 access to your completed mold laboratory reports with chain of custody and mold photomicrographs. Reports are permanent, easily retrievable records, with photomicrographs providing lasting visual documentation of fungal contamination at the time of sampling, for use with any future need.

The Digital DIS-10 System makes use of the Internet for rapid identification of black mold or toxic mold such as stachybotrys, alternaria, or cladosporium. Terms such as black mold or toxic mold are not analytical laboratory terms, but words more commonly used by the public to describe the appearance of visible mold.

Mold Inspection Equipment - Indoor Environmental Careers begin with the DIS-10 System
Advanced Indoor Environmental Mold Testing Technology and Mold Laboratories

Digital DIS-10 System users that transmit mold samples by noon can receive reports by five the same day. Mold Inspector Training by degreed educators, and free laboratory consumables, are also provided to system users. This exceptional indoor air quality mold testing technology is Internet driven, and designed to provide the busy, professional mold inspector with fast, qualified, fungal identification and quantification laboratory reporting to meet any sensitive project deadline or client need.

The Digital DIS-10 System
Quality - Precision - Trust - that Fast - that Accurate

Mold Laboratories Indoor Air Quality Mold Investigations
Digital DIS-10 Systems Professional Services: Same Day Mold Lab Reports
That’s right, no more shipping mold samples, delivery costs, or delays, no lost samples, or turn around times that only begin after your sample has spent time in route to the lab. No more added rush fees to receive faster service, when you are trying to meet customer deadlines. The Digital DIS-10 System user receives rapid mold identification and quantification laboratory reports from qualified microbiologists, or mycologists, in real time, or in less than 24 hours - every single time!

Permanent Mold Reports and Mold Photomicrographic Record Retention

After the trained DIS-10 System user has transmitted the photomicrographs to Digital Diagnostic Laboratories it is analyzed by qualified laboratory staff. At the mold lab microbiologists, or mycologists, provide mold testing analytical results to the DIS-10 System user. The DIS-10 Mold Inspector receives complete training in the use of the Online Mold Analysis System (OMAS) and has 24/7/365 access to completed online reports through OMAS.

Complete project management, including Chain of Custody, and permanent mold photomicrographic record retention is managed with ease, accuracy, and security.

Mold Exposure: Why Test for Mold?

Individual responses to mold exposure varies greatly from one person to the next, not unlike allergies, asthma, or other health issues. Mold is everywhere, and is a part of everyday life, for everyone. It always has been, and always will be. However, for susceptible individuals experiencing health issues, as a result of mold exposure: mold testing can be used to identify and quantify fungi and extent of exposure so that necessary action can be implemented. Mold testing can assist in the transfer of real property to protect all parties involved, both buyer and seller and can also assist physicians when trying to isolate a harmful organism. Mold testing can verify the presence of certain molds not commonly found in indoor environments, thus assisting in health care diagnosis, or contractual disputes, related to fungal contamination and environmental contributors.

Mold Clean Up

Clean up of mold, fungal contamination, should always be done regardless of mold type, and must always include the elimination of moisture. Testing before mold remediation, and after mold clean up, provides permanent documentation for any future need, or issue. Consumers should contact an abatement specialist for mold remediation services. General information about black mold, toxic mold, mold clean up and/or mold exposure can also be found on our “News” or “Mold FAQ” pages.

Remove Mold: Mold Remediation Consulting

The Digital DIS-10 System user is trained to provide quality mold inspection services that also includes access to mold remediation consulting services through the staff and principal advisors at Digital Diagnostic Laboratories. Pre remediation and post remediation mold testing allows the general consumer to safeguard against personal health liability, and to obtain legally defensible documentation in the event that serious health concerns continue or arise, or if litigation is imminent. Mold testing by the non-remediation DIS-10 System user, at pre and post mold remediation, provides analytical lab results for samples taken at times and locations, under similar conditions, that are used in comparative data study. Mold testing and laboratory reporting is used to maintain permanent documentation of existing conditions at the time of sampling/testing. The Digital DIS-10 Mold Inspector provides complete testing reports including mold photomicrographs as easily retrievable, and permanent records.

The Digital DIS-10 System - Mold Testing Technologies and Mold Laboratories

Fungal Contamination - Indoor Air Quality Testing - Microscopy Technology
The advanced technology of the Digital DIS-10 System, includes a high resolution compound microscope, allowing precise mold identification and quantification by laboratory microbiologists and mycologists. The magnification potential is up to 4x’s greater than standard laboratory microscopes. The Digital DIS-10 System also includes an air sampler and tripod. Mold Testing with the Digital DIS-10 System’s advanced technology has become the professional choice made by qualified mold inspectors nationwide.

DIS-10 Mold Inspector Training: Indoor Air Quality Environmental Careers

It is not just about preparing samples . . .
The Digital DIS-10 Systems are licensed directly to individuals, or companies, interested in offering qualified, professional, mold inspections to their clients, or existing indoor air quality services. The technology license agreement includes qualified mold inspector training classes that are provided by degreed educators. Refer to our “Training” page for additional information.

Digital Diagnostic Systems, LLC
Digital Diagnostic Laboratories, LLC
Toll Free: 1-DDS-MOLD (866-337-6653)
Telephone: 916-638-7773
Go to the “Contact” page to send an e-mail inquiry.

When calling us customers will reach the main switchboard for two separate laboratories. Clients should ask for the mold laboratory Digital Diagnostic Laboratories, or Digital Diagnostic Systems. Calls will be transferred to our staff who are available to assist you.

From the Mold Inspector to the Mold Laboratory Analyst . . .

“Technical Diagnostic Information is Exchanged via the Internet” - For Rapid Mold Lab Reporting!

Digital Diagnostic Systems (DDS) is the developer of the Digital DIS-10 System. It is a computer based digital imaging system that allows the trained mold inspector to transmit, via the Internet, mold photomicrographs directly to Digital Diagnostic Laboratories from any geographic location with Internet access. Rapid, qualified, analytical mold laboratory results reporting are provided in real time, or in less than 24 hours - every time - no shipping samples - no rush fees or extra charges.

Indoor Air Quality - Indoor Environmental Mold Testing Technologies Provide:
Same Day Mold Laboratory Identification and Quantification Reporting to Mold Inspector
It is the Advanced Microscopy Technology-Mold Inspection Equipment and Training DDS advantage.

IAQ Mold Inspectors - PROCESS MORE JOBS PER DAY! - License Available

Mold Inspectors Transmit Mold Photomicrographs/Samples from the Digital DIS-10 System
directly to Analysts at the Mold Laboratory and receive reports back - same day!

The Digital DIS-10 System accommodates individual mold inspector or several inspectors/samplers transmitting from the DIS-10 location. Mold Inspectors receive same day laboratory reports. Samples transmitted by noon can request lab results by five the same day, with no rush fees or extra charges! The Digital DIS-10 System provides technical diagnostic information exchange via the Internet and advanced microscopy technology for professional indoor air quality mold inspectors.

We Are - Where You Are!


DIS-10 System
Visual Evidence
Easily Retrievable
Permanent Records


The Digital DIS-10 System and the Online Mold Analysis System (OMAS)
Everything you need . . .

Mold Inspection Equipment - Mold Testing Equipment - Digital DIS-10 System: Technology users transmit mold photomicrographs from their location and receive mold testing laboratory results the same day. The Online Mold Analysis System is used to submit photomicrographs of mold samples taken in the field. OMAS creates a unique directory to store images and PDF reports for every project including chain of custody. Security built into OMAS includes identification, authentication and authorization processes. A hosting service provides functionality and security. Facilities are specific to technologically advanced hosting for mission critical websites and applications, such as those used by Digital Diagnostic Laboratories. There is redundant power distribution units (PDU), battery backup for uninterrupted power supply (UPS) and diesel generators for full power supply in normal power outage. The Cyber Center facility is staffed by highly trained technical systems and network engineers with security staff, 24/7/365 surveillance, and restricted access. Auditors have evaluated the facility infrastructure and determined it exceeds the highest standards of operational excellence. Areas audited include: availability and reliability management, customer care, network operations, physical environment, problem management, physical and network security, and system hardware and software.

The advanced microscopy technology of the Digital DIS-10 System captures a high intensity digital image that qualified mold laboratory microbiologists analyze. The microscopy resolution of the DIS-10 digital microscope meets, or exceeds, required specifications for microscopes used in direct microscopic examination. Digital Diagnostic Laboratories implements scientifically valid protocols and methodologies to provide Digital DIS-10 System users with accurate data in a rapid response format with high quality precision. All Digital Diagnostic Laboratories policies and procedures ensure the quality, security, and confidentiality of records.

Licensed Digital DIS-10 System users have continuous access to support personnel through Digital Diagnostic Laboratories including: Laboratory Analysis Specialists, IT Technical Support, Remediation Consulting, and other mold inspector service provider consultants.

Mold samples transmitted by noon have mold lab testing results by five!

Same day service!

No need to ship samples - No lost samples!

No delivery delays, or expensive rush fees!

DDS Environmental Technologies
First Choice for Home Inspectors, Building Inspectors, Realtors, Termite Inspectors . . .
When professional mold inspection equipment and rapid, qualified, mold testing reports are needed the Digital DIS-10 System is considered the first choice for: home inspectors, building inspectors, realtors, home buyers and sellers, appraisers, termite inspectors, environmental engineering firms, indoor air quality labs, insurance companies, allergists, and many others. The Digital DIS-10 System is licensed to individuals, or businesses, nationwide with global expansions available. Distributorships are available in some locations. Please see the Distributorship page for additional information.

Quality - Precision - Trust - that Accurate - that Fast!

The technical diagnostic information exchanged, via the Internet, allows a trained, professional, Digital DIS-10 System mold inspector to provide consistent quality assurance to their valued clients.

Mold Inspection Equipment - Mold Testing Equipment - DDS Environmental Technologies
Digital DIS-10: Secure - Confidential - Permanent Records - Easily Retrievable

The Digital DIS-10 System - Rapid Mold Identification-Quantification
Internet Driven: Indoor Air Quality Mold Testing System
Same Day Reporting-Real Time < 24Hours
Technology License, Training, System Proficiency Use Certification

Digital Diagnostic Systems (DDS)
Digital Diagnostic Laboratories (DDL)
Toll Free: 866-DDS-MOLD (866-337-6653)
Telephone: 916-638-7773
Go to our “Contact” page to send an “e-mail” inquiry.

Qualified Analytical Mold Laboratory - Same Day Reporting - We Are  Where You Are!

What is the DIS-10 SYSTEM LICENSE?

You can become a Digital DIS-10 System Indoor Air Quality Mold Inspector
We Are  Where You Are!
Digital DIS-10 System Mold Testing Microscopy Technology and Internet Diagnostic Tools

Trained-Certified Indoor Air Quality Mold Inspectors can license the DIS-10 System.

The DIS-10 Technology Use License allows the trained user to transmit Mold Samples from their location directly to the Mold Lab for Same Day Mold Laboratory Reporting - Rapid Toxic Mold Identification and Quantification - Complete IAQ Mold Services.
Use of the Digital DIS-10 System is made available to individuals or businesses through a license agreement. Mold Inspectors are trained and DIS-10 system use certified by degreed laboratory trainers. Mold Inspectors and Indoor Air Quality professionals use the Digital DIS-10 System and the Online Mold Analysis System to transmit mold samples directly to Digital Diagnostic Laboratories for same day analysis reporting.

Mold Testing Technologies - Advanced Microscopy Technology - For Mold Inspectors
DIS-10 System Mold Photomicrographs - Permanent Visual Evidence - Easily Retrievable


Technical Diagnostic Information Exchanged via the Internet for Mold Inspectors
Same day laboratory reporting to Digital DIS-10 System Mold Inspectors

Indoor Environmental Careers
Licensed use of the Digital DIS-10 System indoor environmental mold testing technology assures the professional mold inspector, or indoor air quality related business, of consistent integrity in products and services. Rapid toxic mold identification and quantification are provided through online diagnostic tools used between the mold inspector and the laboratory analyst. Black mold or toxic mold concerns can be quickly addressed and molds rapidly identified through the online mold analysis system. Most laboratories discard samples but the licensed Digital DIS-10 System user retains visual evidence of the samples submitted from the jobsite with mold photomicrographs that are permanent, easily retrievable records available for any future investigative or documentation need or requirement.

Mold Testing Technology for Qualified, Professional, Mold Investigations
DIS-10 Mold Samples Transmitted by Noon Receive Mold Lab Reports by Five - Same Day!

The Digital DIS-10 System technology is licensed to individuals, or businesses, for use in providing qualified, professional, mold inspection services to their clients. Mold Inspectors are trained and system proficiency certified. The Digital DIS-10 System provides total quality management systems and support to the busy indoor environmental mold inspector.

Everything You Need

Transmit from your location

Same Day Laboratory Reporting

Digital Diagnostic Laboratories provides mold inspector training to DIS-10 users.
The Digital DIS-10 System - Indoor Environmental Technology License
License Highlights/Overview:

w DIS-10 System Allows the Mold Inspector to Receive Lab Reports the Same Day
w DIS-10 Mold Inspectors Transmit from their Location Directly to the Mold Laboratory
w No Shipping of Samples, S&H Costs, Delays, or Lab “Rush” Fess - Never a Lost Sample
w System Capabilities Provide Mold Lab Reports in Real Time, or in Less than 24 Hours
w Online Mold Analysis System (OMAS) Completed Reports Online 24/7/365
w Permanent, Easily Retrievable, Records with COC and Mold Photomicrographs
w Continuous Free Laboratory Consumables to System Users
w Digital DIS-10 System Desktop Computer with Flat Screen Monitor or Laptop Provided
w Necessary Software and Anti-Virus Protection
w Microscope with Camera
w Air Sampler, Tripod, and other System Associated Items
w Complete Training - Degreed Instructors - One to One - No Crowded Classrooms
w Permanent, Continuous, Access to Mold IAQ Professional Advisors and Consultants

All Digital DIS-10 System components and associated items come packaged together in a heavy-duty plastic shipping case, with wheels and pull handle, for safe and convenient travel. Inside the plastic shipping case, all Digital DIS-10 System items come with sturdy, attractive, canvas carrying bags.

License Technology & Mold Inspector Training & System Use Proficiency Certification
The Digital DIS-10 System License has many benefits and advantages for those seeking the ability to provide superior mold inspection and mold testing services to clients.

The advanced microscopy and indoor environmental technology systems developed by Digital Diagnostic Systems, and distributed through Digital Diagnostic Laboratories, provides time management and business efficiency tools for today’s busy mold inspectors, and mold investigation businesses.

Mold Inspection Business: System Use of the Digital DIS-10 is Available Through a Technology Use License. Refer to our “Technology” or “Training” page for additional information on becoming a Digital DIS-10 System Certified Mold Inspector.

Digital Diagnostic Systems
Digital Diagnostic Laboratories
Toll Free: 866-DDS-MOLD (866-337-6653)
Telephone: 916-638-7773

	Digital DIS-10 System - Mold Technologies for IAQ Professionals

System Certified Mold Inspector Training Provided
Degreed Educators - Continuous Support
We are where you are.

Digital Diagnostic Systems and Digital Diagnostic Laboratories offers:
Mold Inspection Equipment - Mold Testing Equipment - Mold Technology - Mold Lab Analysis - through quality products and services for the indoor air quality mold inspection business professional. Additional details about the DIS-10 System technological advantage can be found on the “Technology” page of this website.



You can become a professional, qualified, Digital DIS-10 IAQ Mold Investigator
Training classes are for Digital DIS-10 System Users - DDS Technology Licensees

No Crowded Classrooms or Meeting Halls - Personal Instruction at Your Own Pace
One to One Individualized Training - Provided by Degreed Educators
Mold Inspector Training is available for Digital DIS-10 System Use License Certification

The Digital Diagnostic Network: DIS-10 System Certified Mold Inspectors
Important Note: Mold Inspector Training is provided only to individuals, or companies, who license the use of the Digital DIS-10 System technology for conducting professional, qualified, mold investigations. Indoor environmental careers can begin at Digital Diagnostic Laboratories . . .with the DIS-10 System.

“Mold Inspector Training” is
not just about taking mold samples and issuing mold laboratory reports,
not just about sampling protocols or preparing samples . . .

Mold Inspector training at Digital Diagnostic Laboratories supports high standard Quality Assurance Management Systems for Digital DIS-10 System Users. Training for mold inspectors is part of the mold testing Digital DIS-10 System use license and includes technology and procedure proficiency certification.

Qualified “Mold Inspector Training” for the Digital DIS-10 System User
Includes Mold Inspection Training and Indoor Environmental Business
Communication Materials and more . . .

þ Learn at Individualized Pace - No Crowded Meeting Halls, or Classrooms
þ One to Two Days at Digital Diagnostic Laboratories - One to One Personal Instruction
þ Continued Online Training and System Use Proficiency Certification
þ Continued Technical Support and Permanent, On-going, 100% QA/QC Online Supervision
þ Online Mold Analysis System Training (OMAS) - Completed Reports 24/7/365
þ Indoor Environments-Complete DIS-10 System Training-Includes Taking Photomicrographs
þ Sampling and Sample Preparation Instruction-Taught by Laboratory Analysts
þ Mold Sampling Methods and Protocols-Degreed Laboratory Instructors
þ Recommended Procedures for Mold Inspections- Licensed Architect Instructor
þ Project Management Formats & Work Site Protections- Licensed Architect Instructor
þ Interior and Exterior Evaluations-CA Licensed Architect Instructor
þ Mold Specific Indoor Air Quality Overview - Understanding Your Industry
þ Indoor Environmental Business Communications - Various Formats/Media
þ Remediation Consulting: Reports & Assistance-CA Licensed Architect Instructor
þ Continuous, Permanent, Remediation Consulting Services for System Users

Mold Inspection Training
Indoor Environmental Careers - Indoor Air Quality Professionals
The Digital DIS-10 System user is part of a full team of professionals from laboratory personnel to IT, to Remediation Consulting, including PhD Medical Mycologist and Certified Industrial Hygienist Principal Advisors, all working within the mold inspection and mold testing industry to provide superior risk prevention and management services for our clients. Indoor environmental careers begin with quality education, such as the mold investigation training provided to Digital DIS-10 System users. At Digital Diagnostic Laboratories the Digital DIS-10 System user’s indoor environmental career also receives support through 100% QA/QC online supervision, and continued knowledge sharing with degreed educators and consultants. For additional information about key personnel at Digital Diagnostic Laboratories please see our “About Us” page.

Professional Mold Investigations and Rapid Mold Identification
Digital DIS-10 System Certified Mold Inspectors

From YOUR Location

Same Day Lab Reports

Digital Diagnostic Network: Mold Inspection Specialists
Digital DIS-10 System users have a strong entrepreneurial drive and have researched their industry to acquire the resources, technology, and equipment necessary to work as qualified mold inspectors.

When researching the mold industry many individuals, and businesses, find that there are thousands of websites about mold, and each site is announcing that their products, training, or services are the best, or most qualified. It is no wonder that consumers researching mold inspector training courses find themselves considering numerous choices. At times, it can seem as if everyone within the mold industry, qualified or not, is offering options and making special offers.

Digital Diagnostic Laboratories Vision - Mold Industry Professionals
Most of the mold inspector training courses that are available to consumers have been independently developed by organizations or companies.
At Digital Diagnostic Laboratories we believe that there are numerous mold inspection courses, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) organizations, and companies, that are available to assist individuals, or businesses, with their indoor air quality needs through the quality services that they provide.

At Digital Diagnostic Laboratories we encourage all Mold Inspectors and Digital DIS-10 System users to continuously increase their knowledge base through education.

Researching all options is the best way to decide the appropriate product, training, or service, for your company’s needs. Continuing education is of benefit to all individuals, strengthening the quality of services offered to consumers.

At Digital Diagnostic Laboratories we strongly support professional and quality products and services throughout our industry.

We are proud to offer clients: advanced mold testing technology, mold inspector training by degreed educators, fast, qualified, laboratory analysis and reporting with the advantage of easily retrievable, confidential, permanent records, including chain of custody and mold photomicrographs that provide lasting, visual documentation for any future need. Digital DIS-10 System users join an exceptional network of mold investigation professionals. Digital Diagnostic Laboratories offers advanced indoor environmental mold testing technology, with high quality mold inspector training, including continued support and access to mold industry specialists and consultants.

Go to our “About Us” page for executive profiles.

The Digital DIS-10 System Mold Inspector Training
One to One Individualized Instruction by Degreed Educators
Mold Inspector Training is Available to Licensed Digital DIS-10 System Users

The Digital DIS-10 System: Mold Testing - Technology Use License is available in some geographic locations. The Digital DIS-10 System License includes mold inspector training for conducting professional mold investigations and system proficiency certification. For information about coming to our area for training visit our “Links” page to access regional information that includes local accommodations, and area events.

Digital Diagnostic Systems
Digital Diagnostic Laboratories
Toll Free: 866-DDS-MOLD (866-337-6653)
Telephone: 916-638-7773
Go to the “Contact” page to send an e-mail inquiry or to request additional information.

Digital Diagnostic Laboratories

The Indoor Environmental Mold Laboratory

Rapid, Qualified, Mold Laboratory Results Reporting
Mold Identification - Mold Quantification - Same Day Service
for Digital DIS-10 System Mold Inspectors

Mold testing for indoor fungal contamination: Digital Diagnostic Laboratories is committed to providing environmental laboratory clients, and Digital DIS-10 System users, with the highest quality methods, procedures, and protocols that also enable our analytical laboratory staff to provide exceptional services at fair, and competitive pricing. The importance of qualified, accurate, and timely data, is well understood by our mold laboratory personnel. All analysis is generated and documented following strict, high standard methods and procedures, to meet or exceed, client and industry expectations.

Mold Laboratories - Total Quality Management Systems

The goal of Digital Diagnostic Laboratories (DDL) is to provide clients with accurate, legally defensible, analytical data and mold testing results reporting. Total quality management systems, within the mold laboratory, were designed in accordance with the requirements of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Standard ISO/IEC 17025 relevant to the scope of testing services provided by Digital Diagnostic Laboratories. It is the intent of DDL Labs to meet, or exceed, the QA/QC requirements set by the USEPA, or other appropriate governmental, or private entities, and to assure that all analytical data generated are scientifically valid, defensible, comparable, and of known acceptable precision and accuracy. DDL is dedicated to the implementation of policies, procedures, and protocols that communicate value, quality, and trust to our clientele.

Qualified Mold Laboratories: Staff - Microbiology - IAQ - Building Forensics

The CEO of Digital Diagnostic Laboratories has over 40 years of professional involvement in the design elements and requirements associated with indoor air quality and building forensics. As a licensed California Architect his experience includes, Construction Management, Development and Property Management of Commercial, Medical, Multi-family and Industrial buildings.

Indoor Environmental Laboratory Personnel
Digital Diagnostic Laboratories takes great pride in the qualified personnel it employs. Analysts, and support staff undergo thorough on-going training and proficiency evaluations for analytical methodology, quality assurance, sample handling, and laboratory documentation requirements. The qualifications of DDL technical laboratory staff, and principal advisors and consultants, range from BS degrees to PhDs. The qualified project management staff are microbiologists, chemists, AIA, and also include PhD principal advisors and Certified Industrial Hygienist consulting. Laboratory Analysts are required to have, at a minimum, baccalaureate degrees in microbiology, biology, or related life sciences and under-go extensive proficiency training to ensure the highest level of competency and experience that is required to perform analysis.

One of the original founders of Digital Diagnostic Laboratories accomplished over 35 years experience in clinical and related microbiology. His extensive history in both the ownership and operation of expert analytical laboratories has included certification by the State Department of Health Services. DHS serves as the EPA in California for certification purposes. Laboratories under his supervision have served as qualified resources for laboratory related environmental and general health issues.

Advanced microscopy technology within the Digital DIS-10 System allows Digital Diagnostic Laboratories to bring clients high quality analytical services and legally defensible documentation and data, in real time, or in less than 24 hours in rapid response to any sensitive environmental project, and/or business, or customer need.

Black Mold - Toxic Mold - Rapid Fungal Contamination Reporting is Available
Digital Diagnostic Laboratories is a full service mold testing lab offering nonviable, viable and speciation testing. Molds, black mold, or toxic mold can only be identified by sample analysis.

The Digital DIS-10 System Mold Testing Technology provides Internet driven
Same Day Reporting - Mold Identification and Quantification
Rapid Mold Testing Lab Results in Real Time, or Less Than 24 Hours

For clients in need of speciation testing, lab culture times are required at laboratories. Turn around time for this type of testing can average two or three weeks. For fungal analysis questions please contact the mold lab: Digital Diagnostic Laboratories: 866-DDS-MOLD.

The Digital DIS-10 System Technology Mission Statement

The leadership of Digital Diagnostic Systems in “technical diagnostic information exchange via the Internet” is distinguished by our primary dedication to continuously lead the industry standard in the development of products servicing environmental excellence, and social responsibility, through the science of advanced microscopy technology.

Digital DIS-10 System and the Online Mold Analysis System (OMAS)
The DIS-10 System technology and OMAS creates permanent, legally defensible, easily retrievable records, with mold photomicrographs and chain of custody.

Data Control and Record Retention
A hosting service provides DDL with superior functionality with facilities specifically designed to supply technologically advanced hosting for mission critical websites and applications such as those in use at DDL with the Online Mold Analysis System (OMAS). The cyber-center facility is staffed 24/7/365 by highly trained technical system and network engineers. There is security staff, 24/7/365 surveillance, and restricted access. Additional information can be found on this site’s “Technology” page. All Digital Diagnostic Laboratories’ policies, procedures, and protocols ensure the security, and confidentiality of all records. Quality Assurance programs produce quality data which is of known precision and accuracy, and legally defensible in a court of law.

Mold Air Sampling and Mold Information
A wide variety of microorganisms, fungi/mold, can be found across many regions in the United States. The influence of normal humidity, temperature conditions, and concentrations of bioaerosols, and other pertinent factors, can vary from area to area. There are no current exposure limits established for mold. It is accepted industry practice to compare outside bioaerosols concentrations and genus/species to inside bioaerosols concentrations genus/species. This procedure is supported by the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists, the American Industrial Hygiene Association and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Guidelines. Simply put, the indoor air flora should be quantitatively lower than, but qualitatively similar (genus/species) to that of the outside air, and be a reflective indicator of the present mold ecosystem.

Indoor Environmental Mold Labs: Total Quality Management Systems
Quality Assurance programs are designed to ensure reliability in the identification and measurement of analytical results. Programs are maintained by rigorous attention to detail and a commitment to a thorough, on-going QC auditing, evaluation, and improvement program. The QA/QC program is designed to meet prescribed standards of performance in the identification and measurement of analytical results. The QA/QC program is based on sample documentation, analytical documentation, audits, data review, Q/C samples, and laboratory control samples. All data are subject to a tiered system of review and final approval by the QA/QC department. Before results are released, and a final report is produced, the data package must be approved to assure the client of overall analytical integrity.

Digital Diagnostic Laboratories
Digital Diagnostic Systems
Toll Free: 866-DDS-MOLD (866-337-6653)
Telephone: 916-638-7773
Go to the “Contact” page to send an e-mail inquiry.

Molds, black mold, toxic mold, can only be identified by sample analysis. DDL provides same day mold analysis-identification-quantification laboratory reporting to Digital DIS-10 System users.

Advanced Mold Testing Technology - Mold Lab - Professional Mold Investigators.
Find a Trained Mold Inspector for Qualified Mold Investigations and Project Needs.
Digital DIS-10 System Certified Mold Inspectors

Residential, Commercial, Industrial: Home or Building Mold Inspections
Realtors, Lenders, Buyers, Sellers need high quality risk prevention and mutual protection. The DIS-10 System Quality Assurance: mold testing and mold laboratory reports are unbiased, factual, results by qualified mold identification laboratory analysts. Mold laboratory reports are confidential, permanent, easily retrievable records including chain of custody and mold photomicrographs that provide lasting visual documentation for any future need.

Inspectors for indoor air quality home or building mold inspections: All DIS-10 Mold Inspectors receive mold inspector training by degreed educators, and obtain system use certification for quality assurance requirements. Digital Diagnostic Laboratories indoor environmental mold testing laboratories provides fast mold identification and quantification and full laboratory services for fungi.

 Mold Inspector Directory - Building or Home Mold Inspections
Residential - Commercial - Industrial - Mold Indoor Air Quality
Locate Trained Independent Digital DIS-10 Mold Inspectors
The Digital Diagnostic Network - Professional Mold Inspections
DIS-10 Mold Photomicrographs - Visual Evidence - Permanent Records
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Primary Contact - Headquarters
Digital Diagnostic Laboratories
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The Digital DIS-10 System
Rancho Cordova, CA
Call Toll Free: 866-337-6653 or 916-638-7773

West Coast Digital DIS-10 Distributor
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East Coast Digital DIS-10 Distributor
Mold ID Services, Raleigh, NC Office
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Mold Inspector - National Directory - Digital DIS-10 - Partial Listing

To become a Digital DIS-10 Mold Inspector go to our “Contact” page to send an
e-mail requesting additional information or call 1-866-DDS-MOLD - today!


Mold Inspection Services, Inc.
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On-Site Mold Identification
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Chemical Free, LLC
Commercial, Industrial & Residential
41648 Eastman Drive
Murrieta, CA 92562
Phone: 909-677-9921
Fax: 909-677-9273
for information, appointments and service


Commercial, Industrial & Residential - California
Scott A. Harris
PO Box 619057
Roseville, CA 95661
Phone: 916-960-0588
Fax: 916-960-0565


Commercial, Industrial & Residential
PO Box 13864
Torrance, California 90503
Phone: 310-750-0834 or 310-920-4552
Fax: 310-542-6956
e-tector Website


Enviro Diagnostics
Commercial, Industrial & Residential
1974 Flamingo Drive
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Phone: 714-549-9049


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Kermit’s Home Rejuvenation
On-Site Mold Identification Services
Commercial, Industrial & Residential
Northern California - Greater Sacramento Area
Kermit W. Hollingshead, Owner
(Con. License #B492449)
Ph/Fx: 530.676.4838


Mold Check and Test, LLC
Commercial, Industrial & Residential
PO Box 90511
San Diego, CA 92169
Phone/Fax: 858-270-6228
MoldCheckandTest Web


Mold Check Professionals, Inc.
Commercial, Industrial & Residential
10623 Sherman Grove Ave.
Sunland, California 91040
Phone: 818-951-9120
Mold Check Professionals Web


Mold Investigation & Testing Services
Commercial, Industrial & Residential
Central Valley and Northern California
Phone: 209-652-8551


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Quality Mold Surveys & Sampling
Commercial, Industrial & Residential - LaVerne, CA 91750
Phone: 909-392-4630-4151 Fax: 909-392-4631


South Coast Mold Assessment
Commercial, Industrial, & Residential-California
South Orange County
Toll Free: 877-MOLDGUY (877.6653.489)
Phone: 949-583-9616
Fax: 949-859-7271


Superior Mold Services, LLC
Commercial, Industrial & Residential-California
Signal Hill, CA
Phone: 562-733-0480


Colorado Mold Inspection, LLC
Commercial, Industrial & Residential
Phone: 303-901-6425 or 303-901-6407
Fax: 303-840-3872


Island Mold Inspection Services
Commercial, Industrial & Residential
Phone: 808-342-8065
Fax: 808-622-2884


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Air Quality Solutions
Commercial, Industrial & Residential
Anderson, IN 46016
Phone: 765-643-4277
Fax: 765-642-9253

TN & VA 

Commercial, Industrial & Residential
North and South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia
1205 Castlemoor Court
Raleigh, NC 27606
Contact: Bruce Hatcher
Phone: 919-816-8196 Fax: 919-233-5363
MoldIDServices Web Site

Mold Detection Services, LLC
Commercial, Industrial & Residential
Contact: Lane Cloninger
Phone: 919-859-3001

Mold Investigation
Commercial, Industrial & Residential - NC
Phone: 336-946-2282

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RJK Enterprises, Inc.
Commercial, Industrial & Residential
Contact: Randy Keel
Phone: 919-779-7700

Robbie’s Testing Service
Commercial, Industrial & Residential
Contact: Robbie Drinnon
Phone: 336-574-1217


You can become a Digital DIS-10 System
Mold Investigator
Toll Free: 866-DDS-MOLD (866-337-6653)


Real Estate Inspection Services
Commercial, Industrial & Residential
Contact: Kevin O’Keeffe
CCB#: 163683
Roseburg, Oregon 97470
Phone: 541-817-5880


AQ Testing
Home & Building Inspections
for On-Site Mold Identification
Commercial, Industrial & Residential
Texas-Houston, Galveston, Beaumont, Austin,
San Antonio . . .


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North Texas Mold Inspections & Testing
Commercial, Industrial & Residential
North Texas Mold
Phone: 817-788-4768


Texas Mold Inspection Services
Commercial, Industrial & Residential
Phone: 214-754-8058
Fax: 214-754-8023


Mold Testing Services, Inc.
Commercial, Industrial & Residential-Virginia
Phone: 866-689-9556, 703-689-9556
Fax: 703-689-9554


Mold ID Services, Inc.
See NC Listing or web link below
MoldIDServices Web Site


American Mold Inspection
Commercial, Industrial & Residential
Serving Seattle, the Eastside & Everett
Phone: 425-653-2053
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Digital Diagnostic Laboratories
Mold Testing - Rapid Mold Identification < 24 Hours
Licensed use of the Digital DIS-10 System is available to individuals, or businesses.
One on One Training (No crowded meeting halls or classrooms)
Degreed Instructors, Continuing Education, and Online Instruction for Digital DIS-10 System users.

Go to our “Contact” page for e-mail inquiries or call us today!
Toll Free: 866-DDS-MOLD (866-337-6653)
Telephone: 916-638-7773

Licensed use of the Digital DIS-10 System is available in some geographic areas.
DDS Indoor Environmental Technologies - Internet Diagnostic Tools
Same Day Laboratory Mold Reports
Join the Digital DIS-10 Network - National Directory of DIS-10 Mold Inspectors


Understanding Mold in Your Indoor Environments

Mold Frequently Asked Questions
This is general mold information only and is not intended to be legal or medical advice for those seeking such professional services. Contact an attorney for legal assistance and a health care provider, physician, or allergist, for health concerns.

There are numerous books and web-sites that provide excellent, expert, information on a variety of fungi. Many references were used in the information and mold glossary below. This is limited, general, mold information only, with references and acknowledgements listed at the end of the page.

People are exposed to mold of some type on a daily basis. Molds can be everywhere. They are microscopic organisms that exist in both indoor environments and outside. Molds are the decomposers of organic substances that are vital to plant and animal life. Molds survive and flourish easily in moist environments under the right conditions. People everywhere, everyday, co-exist with mold.

Mold Exposure
People are exposed to mold through the air they breathe, contact with skin, and ingestion. Molds need moisture, a food source, time, and to be left undisturbed. Any source of moisture within an indoor environment can be a possible contributor to a mold problem and poor indoor air quality. It has been stated simply that the best mold control, is moisture control. Many molds given the right conditions have the potential to cause ill health effects in susceptible individuals.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mold

Black Mold - Toxic Mold

  1. Mold - What is it?
  2. Are some molds more hazardous than others?
  3. How am I exposed to molds?
  4. How does mold affect my health?
  5. What health symptoms are common with mold exposure?

General Mold Glossary - Pictures of Mold - Photomicrographs
The mold glossary (located at the end of the “Mold FAQ” section) has pictures of mold, types of mold, mold exposure, and effects of mold, in a general informational format. References and acknowledgments are provided so the viewer can also locate additional and more detailed information about mold from various sources.

MOLD - What is it?

Molds are organisms in the taxonomic kingdom of fungi that reproduce by making spores. They can be found continuously in outside and indoor air. Mold spores are a microscopic form of fungi. Fungi include molds as well as rusts, mildews, mushrooms and yeasts. Similar, but different, from plants fungi do not have vascular tissue that form true roots, stems or leaves. They have rigid cell walls but lack chlorophyll and can not photosynthesize. Funguses/Molds are heterotrophic and exist as parasitic or saprophytic organisms.

Parasites feed off of another organism at the host’s expense and saprobes feed on dead, decaying sources of organic substances. All fungi rely on living or dead organic material to obtain energy and grow. In the publication Sampling and Identifying Allergenic Pollens and Molds the author comments that fungi are most recognizable in two of their life forms. These two forms are first, the feeding or energy-accumulating phase and second, the reproductive and dispersal phase (41). Some fungi are considered pathogenic to humans and some molds release toxic chemicals called mycotoxins that are associated with severe and hazardous health risks including poisoning and death.

Mold Symptoms

When molds germinate and grow large amounts of mold spores can be produced. Allergic, cold and flu like symptoms, or possible health risk, or hazard, may occur in susceptible individuals. (Return to Top)

Are some molds more hazardous than others?

Toxins in the environment can sometimes be poisons/proteins that are created/produced by a living organism that has the potential to damage a living body. This broad associated definition is the possible premise for the common term “toxic” mold used frequently by the general public. Specifically to mold Aspergillus, Fusarium, Penicillium, Chaetomium and Stachybotrys can release chemicals called mycotoxins during the metabolic cycle that can be “toxic” to humans. These chemicals can be released freely into the air, present within the mold, the mold spores, or in the substance where the mold is growing.

Effects of Mold

Exposure to mycotoxins has greater risk/hazard than irritative, or allergenic molds. Mycotoxins can be present in homes, food, office buildings, and agricultural environments. The elderly, children, immune compromised individuals, asthmatics and anyone challenged by poor health may be far more susceptible, and at greater risk, when exposed to mold. (Return to Top)

How am I exposed to molds?

Mold spores cause health problems when they are inhaled in large numbers. You can also be exposed through eating and dermal contact. Most molds given the right conditions have the potential to cause some ill health effects in susceptible individuals. (Return to Top)

How does mold affect my health?

It is not healthy for anyone to be exposed to mold inside of buildings. Some people will suffer no ill effects in a moldy environment while others may suffer from relatively brief exposure to fungal contamination.
Health Effects of Mold
Investigation into mold related health issues are on-going nationwide. It is the subject of study by scientists, in the public and private sectors, universities, physicians, industrial hygienists and local state and federal regulatory bodies.
(Return to Top)

What health symptoms are common with mold exposure?

Allergic reactions are the most common mold health problem from exposure such as allergic rhinitis, dermatitis, asthma associated aggravation and hypersensitivity pneumonitis. A toxic affect may cause flu-like symptoms such as fever, runny nose, headache, fatigue and muscle pain. A lack of concentration and mood swings have also been reported. Rare fungal infections are usually suffered by the seriously immune compromised. Some individuals will have no reaction when exposed to molds while other, susceptible, individuals may suffer from more severe health risk, or hazard. This is a subject under continuous and evolving study by experts. (Return to Top)

References, Acknowledgements, Publications and Helpful Links “On-line Glossary of Technical Terms in Plant Pathology” Cornell University. . “Fungal Glossary” University of Minnesota, Department of Environmental Health & Safety., Mycology Unit at the Adelaide Women’s & Children’s Hospital. Department of Microbiology & Immunology at the University of AdelaideAdelaide Science Online at the University of Adelaide.

Larone, Davise H. “Medically Important Fungi: A Guide to Identification.” Mycology Resource Center, Clinical Microbiology Service, Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center. 3rd ed. ASM Press. Washington D.C.

Smith, Grant, E. “Sampling and Identifying Allergenic Pollens and Molds.” An Illustrated Identification Manual for Air Samplers. Blewstone Press: San Antonio. 2000.

ST-Germain, Guy and Summerbell, Richard. “Identifying Filamentous Fungi.” A Clinical Laboratory Handbook. Star:Belmon 1996.

General Mold Glossary: PDF File
This mold glossary has pictures of mold, types of mold, mold exposure and effects of mold in a general informational format. It is a PDF file that requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view. It is a free software that can be downloaded from


Black Mold - Toxic Mold - Stachybotrys - Mold Health Concerns

Mold Information
Investigations into mold related health issues are on-going worldwide. It is the subject of study by scientists, universities, physicians, industrial hygienists, and local, state, and federal regulatory bodies. Currently, there still remains no local, state, or federal guidelines on limits for mold. Many states have introduced, or implemented laws on mold. The federal government is working with many states and local governments, indoor air quality organizations and professionals, to create adequate public information, and to assist in the establishment of scientifically valid guidelines, protocols, and methodologies. Standards such as Time Weighted Average (TWA) or Threshold Limit Values (TLVs) for air borne concentrations of mold, and mold spores, are yet to be determined. Many professionals within the industry believe that standards may never be set, due to the highly variable susceptibility levels amongst those exposed to microbial mycotoxins.

Mold News and Information - Keep it Dry - Keep it Mold Free

Airtight construction for energy efficiency in structures that have not provided adequate ventilation methods for moisture to escape, water leaks, or intrusion due to flooding, bad plumbing, poor maintenance, or roof leaks, are examples of contributing factors that can lead to mold, and that need to be corrected when present. Left unattended conditions, such as these, can contribute to seen and unseen mold growth. Moisture conducive to mold growth can exist in all indoor climates regardless of geographic location. Indoor humidity should be kept below 60%. Condensation should not be present on walls, windows, or interior surfaces due to such things as dryers, dishwashers, stoves, or heaters that are not vented properly. Use fans - ventilate - open windows - keep it dry and keep it mold free.

Mold Removal: Mold Should Be Removed From Indoor Environments to Assure

Healthy and Sanitary Conditions
Some possible health effects associated with mold exposure and susceptibility are: Allergy, infection, irritation and toxicity. The elderly, children, immune compromised individuals, asthmatics, and anyone in poor health, may be far more susceptible, and at greater risk for health problems, when exposed to fungi or mold. People are exposed to mold through the air they breathe, contact with skin and ingestion. Some people will appear to suffer no ill effects in a moldy environment, while others can appear to suffer from a relatively small amount of mold spores.

To be considered prior to the finalization of regulated mold limits is the fact that pre-remediation and post remediation mold testing allows the consumer to safeguard against personal health liability and to obtain legally defensible documentation in the event that serious health concerns continue or arise, or if litigation is imminent. Mold testing done by a non-remediation mold investigator at both pre and post remediation provides analysis results for samples taken at those locations and times, under similar conditions, for use in comparative data study and documentation. A professional mold inspector does not attempt to diagnose any health issue, or comment on any legal action. Medical and Legal advice in regards to mold exposure, health risk, or hazard, should always be handled by a physician, or an attorney experienced in fungal contamination and its associated concerns.

Digital Diagnostic Laboratories Continuing Education Series 2002-2005.

Mold News
Press Release - Digital Diagnostic Systems
SACRAMENTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–April 28, 2004–Digital Diagnostic Systems (DDS) has developed a computer-based digital imaging system that has taken mold testing, identification and quantification into the 21st century with real-time Internet diagnostic capabilities. The Digital DIS-10 System allows mold investigators to transmit photomicrographs of mold samples, taken in the field, directly to a laboratory for analysis by microbiologists or mycologists in real-time. Technical diagnostic information exchanged via the Internet and the advanced microscopy technology of the DIS-10 realized its place in an emerging mold industry when consumers began licensing the system after visiting the company website.
Toxic mold is the buzz word associated with high profile mold litigation. Consumer awareness of mold and its potential health effects has increased through lawsuits involving media heavyweights such as Erin Brokovich, Ed McMahon and Michael Jordan. Now toxic mold investigations have gone high-tech with technology designed to harness the power of the Internet as it was originally designed to be used – for the rapid real-time disbursement of information without geographic restrictions.

Mold testing is used for real property transfers, remediation validation and clearance, mold site analytical documentation, and to assist physicians attempting to isolate a harmful organism. Most laboratories destroy samples after generating analytical data and results. In contrast, the mold photomicrographs taken by the Digital DIS-10 System become easily retrievable, permanent, legally defensible, visual evidence supportive of expert testimony.

“Currently we have systems nationwide with expansions planned internationally,” said Steve Furnas, President of Digital Diagnostic Systems. “Joining our efforts is Dr. Malcolm Richardson, internationally renowned medical mycologist, as our principal advisor.” Malcolm Richardson B. Sc. Ph.D., CBiol., FIBiol., FRCPath, is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Pathologists and the Institute of Biology (UK). He is CEO of MoBiAir Diagnostics Ltd., in Finland and Associate Professor in Medical Mycology University of Helsinki with adjunct affiliation with Helsinki University Central Hospital. Furnas also commented, “After contacting and visiting our California location Dr. Richardson is very enthusiastic about the advantages of the DIS-10 System and his association with Digital Diagnostic Systems.”

Digital Diagnostic Systems Press Release 2004

Distributor Mold News and Seminars
Digital DIS-10 System Distributor for NC, SC, TN and VA and Digital DIS-10 System User

Mold Seminar Speakers
Bruce Hatcher, is the owner of Mold ID Services. His company provides commercial, industrial, and residential mold investigations, inspections, and mold testing in NC, SC and VA. He is a distributor, in those states, for the Digital DIS-10 System developed by Digital Diagnostic Systems. Mr. Hatcher often speaks at educational seminars. One such seminar: “What You Really Need to Know About Mold and Your Legal Liabilities in North Carolina” - presented by Lorman Education Services - December 2, 2005 Charlotte, NC. Lorman describes this seminar as being designed for project managers, presidents, vice presidents, contractors, subcontractors, developers, principals, architects, engineers, property owners and managers, insurance professionals, consultants, real estate agents and attorneys with Continuing Education Credits: AIA/HSW 6.00, NC CLE 6.00, NC ENG 7.0, NC INS 6.0, IACET 0.60, IHMM 0.38, ABIH 1.0, PMI 6.00.
Speaker: Bruce Hatcher
Topic: Microbial (Mold) Investigations, testing and inspections. Q&A on the importance of testing and identification.
Profile: Over 17 years of business experience in marketing and business development. Graduate of NC State University and former Director of Carter-Finley Stadium and Reynolds Coliseum with the late Jim Valvano, and NC State Athletic Department. He has provided business consulting services in NC for the past 15 years. In addition to owning Mold ID Services Mr. Hatcher is a Distributor for Digital Diagnontic Systems’ Digital DIS-10 System mold testing technology.
Speaker: Lane Cloninger
Profile: Digital DIS-10 System Mold Investigator and manager of Mold Detection Services, LLC in Raleigh, NC.
Additional speakers: An attorney with a NC law firm, a licensed engineer in five states with over 15 years experience solving building related IAQ and moisture and mildew problems, a licensed commercial and residential general contractor, who is a home inspector, indoor environmentalist and mold inspector, and a trainer for architects, builders, remodeling contractors and code officials regarding weatherization techniques for wall systems when constructing buildings. He is also a member of the Construction Specifiers Institute.

Mold-Indoor Air Quality-Environmental

Mold information and related industry links are for your indoor air quality environmental research assistance and should not be considered referrals, or endorsements. In particular, those seeking medical advice should contact a health care professional, and those seeking legal advice should contact an attorney.

Indoor Air Quality Research - Environmental Information

Fungal Glossary





Environmental Chemistry Soil and Water Testing



Helpful Regional Information for Digital DIS-10 System users attending
Mold Inspector Training at Digital Diagnostic Laboratories in Rancho Cordova, CA



Mold Specialists, Consultants, Advisors, Analysts, Qualified Mold Laboratory

President, AIA
Laboratory Technical Manger, Mold Analyst
Principal Advisor: Medical Mycologist
Advisory Certified Industrial Hygienist

Mold Consultants - Environmental Labs - Indoor Environmental Mold Laboratory

Indoor Air Quality Mold Laboratories - IAQ Specialists
The President of DDS and DDL is a California Licensed Architect. His extensive experience in Architectural Design, Construction Management, Development and Property Management of Commercial, Medical, Multi-family and Industrial buildings consists of over forty years of professional involvement in the design elements and requirements associated with indoor air quality and building forensics. Work history has included: CEO and founder of his own firm where primary functions included analysis of management and operations of affiliated companies and real estate involvements for associated clients; Former Vice President of Real Estate for a major Fortune 100 Health Plan with facilities throughout the US and England; Member of the Board of Directors for the Health Plan’s Medical Services and was responsible for the design, development and construction of twenty-six Health Care Centers throughout California and Arizona. Other work projects have included: Restoration and conversion of structure built in 1898 into office building; conversion of Hills Bros. Coffee plant, in San Francisco, into 470,000 sq. ft. multipurpose retail, residential and office complex: managing government funding, city approval and construction management for 112 unit assisted living facility; designed and built corporate headquarters for a non-profit organization on the Sacramento River (28 approving agencies); design/owner representative for 150,000 sq. ft. Foundation Health headquarters; former Vice President of Development for the Hillman Company and responsible for the development and construction of 650 acre Port of Sacramento Industrial Park. He has led design and construction management for: warehouse, assembly, manufacturing and distribution centers with automated production lines, manual and computerized inventory storage, retrieval and distribution in the medical, food, and home accessory, electronic assembly, cold storage and steel fabricating industries. Other work has included project management for Ralph M. Parsons Company: master planning, facilities and system design in the defense industry, corporate headquarters, and airport baggage handling and people movement, new town designs in the US and Saudi Arabia as well as infrastructure for major Industrial development. He is a member of the American Institute of Architects.

Principal Advisor
Medical Mycologist - Mold Specialist
The Principal Advisor for DDS and DDL is an internationally renowned medical mycologist with over 25 years experience running a diagnostic mycology reference laboratory and academic research in many areas of human and environmental mycology. He is a mold specialist whose research interests have centered on the diagnosis and pathogenicity of fungal infections, and the relationship between molds and man. He has published more than 240 original papers, reviews and book chapters in learned journals and International textbooks and has authored or co-authored thirteen books, including (2003) “Fungal Infection: Diagnosis and Management, 3rd Edition” (Blackwell Publishing). He frequently is invited to give lectures and to Chair sessions at National and International conferences including talks on sick buildings: “International Society for Human and Animal Mycology Conference”, San Antonio, TX, US; Society for Applied Microbiology - Microbiology of Engineered Environments", London, UK; and “Trends in Fungal Infections”, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He is also a consultant for various pharmaceutical companies. He is Associate Professor in Medical Mycology, University of Helsinki, Consultant in Medical Mycology, Helsinki University Central Hospital, Laboratory Diagnostics, General Secretary International Society for Human and Animal Mycology, Department of Bacteriology and Immunology, University of Helsinki.

Mold Laboratory Technical Manager
Mold Analyst - Fungal Analysis
DDL’s QA/QC Laboratory Technical Manager began his career in Biochemistry. Prior to his current work in microbiology his analytical laboratory experience included bacteriology and organic extractions. In addition to his qualifications in mold identification he also holds an extensive environmental chemistry laboratory background in the following methods: Colilert, multitube fermentation for coliform, fecal coliform, E. Coli., fecal strep., Heterotrophic plate count, Color, Odor, Turbidity, Dissolved Oxygen, BOD, Iron reducing bacteria BART, Quantitray, and Ph. Extractive methods include: PCB oil, TCLP-Zhe leachate, oil and grease, liquid-liquid, and separatory funnel. Background includes knowledge of chemical handling of hexane, DMC and acetone with equipment proficiencies in the use of shaker and sonicator, KD flask and advanced microscopy technology. At DDL he is responsible for the implementation of standard operating procedures, methods, and protocols used in the training and management of mold laboratory analysts and clients. The DDL Technical Manager oversees total quality management systems for all daily laboratory operations.

Certified Industrial Hygienist - Consultant
Mold Consultants - Indoor Air Quality Advisor
The Certified Industrial Hygienist, Occupational/Environmental Health Consultant (CIH, ScD., PE, CSP, MPH, MSPH, REHS,) is an Advisor/Mold Consultant for DDL. Responsibilities include developing and continually updating recommended procedures for mold inspection and testing that conform to the latest recognized industry standards. He is actively involved in the local CA AIHA Chapter and works on AIHA issues at both the state and national levels. He also works with the CEO at DDL as one of the technical contributors and editors for the DDS continuing education series provided to Digital DIS-10 System users during training.

Lab History
One of the the original founders of DDS and DDL accomplished a career with over 35 years experience in clinical and related microbiology. He operated labs whose field of specialty have included: drinking water analysis, well water, and wastewater, with certification by the State Department of Health Services (DHS). DHS serves as the EPA in California for certification purposes. His extensive history had been in both the ownership and operation of expert analytical laboratories that included testing for: Hexavalent Chromium, Perchlorate, MTBE, Comprehensive Group Pesticides/Herbicides, full-range Inorganic analysis and mold identification. The laboratories have served as a primary technical resource for laboratory related environmental and general health issues to: state and federal agencies, industrial clients, engineering firms and private individuals providing precise, analytical results reporting for projects of any size.

Mission Statement
The leadership of Digital Diagnostic Systems in “Technical diagnostic information exchanged via the Internet” is distinguished by our primary dedication to continuously lead the industry standard in the development of products servicing environmental excellence, and social responsibility, through the science of advanced microscopy technology.

Digital Diagnostic Systems
Digital Diagnostic Laboratories
Internet driven - We are where you are!
Mold Specialists - Mold Laboratory - Mold Consultants
Trained, Certified DIS-10 System Mold Investigators

Digital Diagnostic Laboratories is located near Sacramento, California in Rancho Cordova.

DDL Mold Laboratory is near Sacramento in Rancho Cordova, California.Mold inspectors visiting DDL mold laboratories for mold classes and training can also visit Sacramento and the surrounding region. Mold inspectors visiting the DDL mold lab can tour the beautiful river city of Sacramento and historic old town.

The greater Sacramento area - a great place to visit, play, live, work, or train at DDS-DDL!

If you are coming to our area to license the Digital DIS-10 System and mold inspector training go to our “Links” page for more information about our region, accommodations, and tourism.

Telephone: 916-638-7773
Toll Free: 866-DDS-MOLD (866-337-6653) - Call Today!

Or click here → “Contact” to ask questions, or to obtain additional information via e-mail.

Degreed educators and mold consultants with continuous online QA/QC.

Degreed Educators and Mold Specialists QA/QC
Continuous Online Support after Training
Mold Consultants available to System Certified DIS-10 Mold Inspectors

Advanced Microscopy Technology
Mold Testing Technologies & Labs
Indoor Environmental Careers
Toll Free: 866-DDS-MOLD
Local: 916-638-7773